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PLAYFUL taking care of playgrounds

What we can do for you

Local government, school board, recreational company or hospitality? PLAYFUL provides specialized services for all management aspects of your playground in the public domain. From advice on design, installation and integration to construction, inspections, maintenance and repairs.



Need urgent repair? Playful quickly offers the right solution. Customized, and taking into account all important factors and applicable safety standards for playgrouns in the public domain. For original spare parts or the best possible alternative, we work closely with many established manufacturers.


Maintenance and functional inspections

This service is aimed at ensuring that you, as a manager, sleep soundly. We inspect your sites and equipment with careful regularity in accordance with EN1176/1177 standards and at the same time carry out well-defined maintenance work and minor repairs. The workload of your technical staff will reduce drastically and the facilities are fully centrally managed.


Installation for manufacturers of playground equipment

Years of experience in installing playground equipment for various manufacturers such as Robinia International, Sik-holz, Norna Playgrounds, Kompan, Hags, Proludic, Playdale, etc.

Local robinia trees used for playground equipment in Geetbets

Design, advice and customization

A play forest, themed wooden sculptures or a tailor-made project? We provide a tailor-made design and implementation taking into account the necessary risk analysis, any regulations from ANB, Natuurpunt, service heritage or your prevention advisor.
For these realizations we always prefer robina heartwood.

Replaced ball catcher on behalf of Living and Working

Specialization in nets and ropes

Together with our regular supplier Huck, we provide your equipment with safety nets or other climbing nets and ropes. We also repair and install ball catchers, goal nets and all other types of nets on and around your sports field.


Renovation of old playground equipment

Playground equipment for public domain is not cheap and if it is a bit older, renovation can be a smart investment. Together we will examine the feasibility and renovate with due attention to the European standard EN1176 and your budget.

A tree house or swing in your garden?

Even though Playful specializes in public playgrounds, we are also happy to bring our experience to your garden. 

A nice tree house, swing or playhouse made from Robinia heartwood (Robinia Pseudo Acacia), anything is possible! Please feel free to contact us for a no-obligation quote.

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Contact Us

Klein Langeveld 15, 3220 Holsbeek, Belgium

Maarten Desaer 0489 33 78 21 Frederik Verbist 0477 79 03 28

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